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The Role Of Regulating Valve Product Selection System In Enterprise Informationization
Jul 19, 2018

In the popular ERP system, it is rare to hear that there is a sub-system of "product selection". It may be that there are few varieties of products in some fields, and people can choose products; or in some areas, what users can buy, and no active selectivity. However, for the industry that sells and produces regulating valves, the ERP system without a product selection system is incomplete and unprofessional.

In order to meet the needs of users and quickly occupy the market, regulators at home and abroad have developed a selection system suitable for their own products, assisting sales personnel in selecting products, using computer information technology, and designing parameters of products, applicable. The knowledge of the environment and related experience is stored in the database, which is convenient for the sales personnel to select the correct valve, thus improving the quality and efficiency of product selection. However, this application is only a single, pure product selection, with no data interface to its own ERP system.

Integration of regulator valve product selection system with other ERP systems
The regulating valve product selection system is not a separate software system. It is a sub-system in ERP. The sub-system related to ERP needs to exchange necessary information to achieve the integration goal.

As the entrance of ERP, the first selection system should transmit the project information and product selection technical parameters back to the headquarters quotation system through the Internet network to request the project quotation, and then the ERP quotation system will pass the quotation result to the sales outlet through the Internet network through the quotation process. . If the project wins the bid, the sales outlets need to pass the contract and product parameter information back to the sales commerce system of the headquarters through the Internet to conduct the scheduling of the commodity plan.

The control valve product selection system not only has a data interface with the ERP internal related system, but also has an interface with the design design system of the design institute. The core of the data interface is the product data table. The design institute will pass the technical requirements for the valve in the device to the selection personnel in the form of EXCEL spreadsheet. The selection personnel will automatically read the technical parameters to the ERP selection system through the import procedure as the basis for parameter calculation and product selection. The results of the type are also transmitted back to the design institute in the form of an EXCEL spreadsheet. The device designer automatically reads the selection results into the device design system through the import program.

Key technologies and innovations
The establishment of the product data knowledge base is the focus and difficulty of the valve product selection system. At the beginning of the design, the products require standardization and standardization. The product information involved in various aspects of sales, production and operation activities is based on design information, thus ensuring the unity and uniqueness of the data. The product structure of the regulating valve is relatively simple and the number of parts is small, but the combination relationship is complicated, and the constraints and corresponding relationships in the technical conditions are complicated. If you are unfamiliar with the product, the selected products will be inaccurate or not processed at all, which will require high technical standards for the selected personnel. How to convert the paper product samples and the experience in the designer's mind into a database to form a huge knowledge base of the valve product, and then use the software system to call and assist in the selection. This is the selection system development. The key to success or failure.

The reason why the valve selection software has risen to the selection system is its innovation:

1) The selection system automatically transmits the order information of the sales outlets of the enterprises all over the country to the information system of the enterprise headquarters through the Internet, and conducts sales business processing (automatic quotation, contract review, planned scheduling, etc.), and changes the previous mail and then manual Repeat the entered working mode and realize remote automatic update of the system.

2) Remote automatic identification of the ordering product is a normal product or a special product. The regulating valve product selection system enables the salesperson to use the software system to automatically determine whether the selected product belongs to a special product before signing a contract with the customer outside the company. Negotiate technology to provide the basis.

3) The software version can be updated remotely, and the product update information can be released to the sales outlets at any time to ensure that the sales selection personnel always receive the latest product data, thus ensuring the product information and internal design selected by the selection personnel. The information is consistent, reducing the middle of the error.

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