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The Key To Improve The Sealing Of High-pressure Ball Valve
Mar 02, 2018

High pressure ball valve uses self-tight sealing principle, is the use of thread tightening force, passed to the gasket between the two planes, so that gaskets play a sealing role. This sealing effect is excellent, easy to use and save, remove it, you can completely remove it. Its connection and sealing principle: when tightening the nut, the sleeve is under pressure to bite its edge into the outer wall of the tube, and the outer cone of the ferrule is in pressure contact with the conical surface of the fitting body, thus reliably preventing leakage .

In the grease injection operation, lipid injection pressure showed a regular change in the peak valley. Pressure is too low, seal leakage or failure, the inflow of grease into the cavity at the bottom ;; overpressure, grease injection port blocked, seal the lipid hardened or ring and valve ball, valve plate lock. To prevent lipid sclerosis, use a cleaning fluid to repeatedly soften the failing sealant and replace it with fresh grease.

Filler is an important way to improve the sealing of high-pressure ball valves. If the packing fails, it will cause leakage and the valve will fail. Especially in the pipeline of fluid temperature is high and corrosive, will accelerate the aging of the filler, shorten the service life, affecting the valve function. Maintenance of the filler, can improve the efficiency. In the application process, if there is leakage, the packing gland on both sides of the nut can be tightened, no leakage can be. Do not twist to prevent the filler from losing elasticity. With the use of the valve, lubricating oil should be regularly added to ensure the sealing function.

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