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Structural Characteristics Of High Temperature And Pressure Ball Valve
Mar 02, 2018

1, opening and closing without friction - completely solve the traditional valve sealing surface friction between the impact of sealing problems;

2, the body-type structure - installed on the pipe valve can be directly online inspection and maintenance, can effectively reduce the device parking and reduce costs;

3, single seat design - eliminating the valve cavity medium due to abnormal pressure and affect the use of safety issues;

4, low torque design - the special structure of the design of the valve, just with a small hand valve can easily open and close;

5, wedge seal structure - the valve is provided by the stem of the mechanical force, the ball wedge on the valve seat and sealed, so that the valve seal from the impact of pressure changes in the pipeline under various conditions, sealing performance Reliable guarantee

6, the self-cleaning structure of the sealing surface - When the ball off the valve seat, the fluid line along the ball sealing surface at 360 ° uniform speed, not only eliminates the high-speed fluid on the seat of the local erosion, also washed away the sealing surface The accumulation of objects, to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning;

7, a wide range of applications - Path from small to a few millimeters, up to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.

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