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Solenoid Valve Products Are Prone To Corrosion? You Need To Master These Methods
Dec 01, 2018

There are many factors that affect the service life of solenoid valve products. Corrosion of solenoid valves is one of the important factors. Extend the service life of the solenoid valve and improve the safety of the project. Solenoid valve corrosion prevention is an important consideration. How to effectively protect the solenoid valve products, what are the precautions in the purchase? You need to know the following methods.

Corrosion resistant materials are selected according to the type of media

In actual production and operation, the types of media that the solenoid valve faces are various. Even in the same medium, the corrosion rate of the material varies with pressure, temperature and concentration. For example, aluminum is highly corrosive in concentrated nitric acid at a concentration of 80% or more, but corrosion is not severe in medium and low concentrations of nitric acid. Carbon steel is the most severely corroded in sulfuric acid with a concentration of 50%. When the concentration reaches 90% or more, the corrosion drops sharply. Therefore, when purchasing a solenoid valve product, the type of the medium and the degree of corrosion of the material by different concentrations of the medium can be specifically analyzed, and the manufacturer can be directly consulted.

Select corrosion resistant solenoid valve

Corrosion-resistant solenoid valves are specially designed for corrosive media. Many corrosion-resistant solenoid valves use non-metallic materials as the contact surface between the cavity and the medium of the solenoid valve. Materials such as natural rubber and polytetrachloroethylene not only have good corrosion resistance, but also save the precious metal as long as the pressure and temperature of the project environment meet the characteristics of the material. For example, Shanghai Juliang is a domestic high-end solenoid valve manufacturer. Its products not only have metal corrosion-resistant solenoid valve equipment, but also use non-metallic materials to treat the medium and the cavity wall. Customers can purchase according to their actual working conditions. You can also propose customization to Juliang.

Solenoid valve surface treatment

Solenoid valve surface treatment can be divided into thermal spray and spray paint. Thermal spraying is one of the techniques for adding a protective layer to the surface of a device. Thermal spraying is the use of high energy density heat sources, such as gas combustion flames, arcs, plasma arcs, electric heating, gas explosions, etc., after heating or melting metal or non-metal materials, and spraying them into the pretreated basic surface in the form of atomization to form Spray layer. Thermal spraying can improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance of the surface of the solenoid valve and prolong the service life of the product.

Spray paint is a more common method. The paint belongs to a non-metallic material and is applied to the metal surface or the inner cavity to effectively isolate the medium and the atmosphere for anti-corrosion purposes.

Control the corrosive environment

Controlling the corrosive environment is mainly for the working environment in which the solenoid valve is located. For example, it can effectively control dust, water vapor, smoke and toxic gases in the environment to keep the environment clean and dry.

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