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Solenoid Valve Price And Profit Trend, The Market Has A Big
Dec 04, 2018

Solenoid valve products are widely used industrial equipment, especially in the mechanical equipment industry, which is related to the national economy, people's livelihood and industrialization. For example, the electromagnetic valve products produced by Shanghai Juliang Valve Industry are in aerospace, defense military, petrochemical, power equipment, steel metallurgy, nuclear industry, canning equipment, air separation equipment, cleaning equipment, laboratory equipment, test equipment, CNG refueling. Widely used in equipment, boiler burners, compressors, blow molding machines, industrial furnaces, shipbuilding and other fields.

At present, the price of solenoid valves on the market actually tends to be stable, and the increase and fall are not large. In fact, this is determined by the current industry market. Although, the price volatility of solenoid valve products is not large, in fact, the profits of the solenoid valve industry are generally not high. How to improve its core competitiveness and take advantage of the development of the market?

To improve its competitiveness, it is necessary to pay attention to the market trend of the solenoid valve and the favorable national policy. The development of the solenoid valve market in the future is promising.

1. Promotion of national urbanization construction. The goal of national urbanization construction is to change from a basic well-off to a comprehensive well-off society by 2020, and the social structure and social form will change. Urbanization construction requires the use of a large number of solenoid valve equipment, whether it is the demand for water valves, natural gas valves or oil and steam valves, there will be a certain increase in the market in the future.
2. The development of oil and the construction of large power stations have also highlighted the huge demand for solenoid valve products. Oil development and hydropower station construction have always been the focus of national industrial infrastructure construction. From the perspective of national economic growth and industrial infrastructure development, infrastructure construction remains the main supply and demand market for solenoid valve products. In the past two years, the construction of large-scale projects such as the West-East Gas Pipeline and the South-to-North Water Transfer has driven the market growth of the solenoid valve industry. In the future, the impact of national industrial infrastructure construction on the solenoid valve market will not disappear.

3. Enterprise products will be diversified and personalized. Solenoid valve manufacturers will have a single supply of products into a variety of models, a variety of specifications of the supply situation. For a large-scale project, the trend of purchasing from multiple parties to one channel is more obvious.

From the current point of view, the development of enterprises should not only enhance their own strength, but also maintain a keen observation of the market and national policies. We are the leading high-end valve industry R&D and manufacturing company, and we have been working with Shanghai Baosteel, Navy Logistics, China National Petroleum Corporation, Tongfang, Hangzhou and Lishi, Guizhou Maotai Distillery, China Nuclear Power, and the 12th National Games. Many well-known enterprises such as Torch Station and key projects have established good cooperative relations.

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