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Metal Sealing Technology Benefits From The Development Of Surface Coating Technology
Apr 11, 2018

The world market for metal sealing has seen a rapid increase in the demand for oil and natural gas. The footprint of the development of crude oil has also reached every corner of the earth. The extraction of crude oil places new demands on equipment. For example, ultra-deep well technology poses the challenge of ultra-low temperature and ultra-high pressure for the equipment. 

The extraction of superheavy crude oil is an option for profitability, especially when crude oil reaches 30 US dollars per barrel. Now high concentrations of asphaltenes and other impurities make it difficult to transport and process crude oil. Soft seal ball valves used in oil pipelines generally cannot meet the requirements of working conditions. This requires valve manufacturers to develop metal sealed ball valves, and can adapt to changes in temperature and pressure, even when transporting solid media (hydroxide, coke, etc.) To ensure absolute seal. 

Metal sealing technology benefits from the development of surface coating technology. Valve manufacturers want to use this technology to maintain their leading position in the market, and include spraying technology in their development strategy. They cooperate with research institutes and universities and hope to develop the next generation of “superhard” coatings.

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