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KSFLOW Valve Internet Era: The Use Of Services To Surround Users
Jul 02, 2018

KSFLOW thinks that to become a successful Internet company, it may be a very basic consideration to have a large number of users. So we have a lot of traditional valve enterprise at the time of turning to the Internet, not only the simple considering selling things on the Internet, the original method of dealing with customer's move to the Internet, you may want to consider the Internet first first consider not sell things, first consider how to provide users with some valuable services, even the free service, even some not so expensive, but very meaningful to the user of this product. How can more people become my users by using my services and products.

Shanghai KS Flow Control Equipments Co.,Ltd is a valve manufacture with more than 30 years of valve manufacturing experience, which set up in 1984,specializing in Ball Valve,Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve and Butterfly Valve.

The company has advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, more than 70 CNC machine tools and machining centers, three spray lines. The company has established a complete physical and chemical laboratories, with direct reading spectrometer, spectrum alloy analyzer, helium mass spectrometer leak detector, electronic universal testing machine, coordinate measuring instrument, nondestructive testing, torque life test, high and low temperature comprehensive performance test device Etc.

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