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Hydrophobic Ball Valve In The Hydrophobic Pipe Expansion Tank In The Main Role
Mar 02, 2018

Hydrophobic ball valve in the hydrophobic pipe dilator in the main role: Drainage pipe dredging device is to achieve continuous drum steam drainage water vapor separation and recovery of heat of the furnace water treatment equipment. Common methods of hydrophobic mainly vapor-liquid two-phase flow traps, control valve steam traps, float steam traps and switch to a small diameter of the hydrophobic way. In the power plant with drainage quality and the amount of sewage is not fixed, by increasing the row of drainage pneumatic valve to achieve the goal of reducing the amount of wastewater discharge and discharge capacity of the row of container dilatation.

Hydrophobic ball valve trap work principle is: when the condensate flow submerged manhole A, by disc-shaped valve above and below the pressure difference to open the top of the valve 3. Water through the annular groove B. From the downward opening of the small hole discharge : Since the specific volume of condensate is almost unchanged, the flow of condensate flow, the valve often open, continuous drainage. When the condensate with steam, the steam flow from the A hole through the B slot under the valve to the outlet, the pressure drops when the narrow passage between the valve plate and the valve seat, the steam volume increases sharply, under the valve Yan steam flow surge, resulting in static pressure drop below the valve. at the same time. Steam is blocked at outlet B and outlet B and is forced into the control chamber at the upper part of the valve plate from the gap between valve plate and bonnet 3 and the dynamic pressure is converted to a simple pressure. In the control room to form a higher pressure than under the valve, the valve will quickly close down and block the steam. After the valve is closed for a period of time, due to the condensation of the steam in the control room, the pressure drops and the valve opens instantaneously. Caused by periodic leakage. Therefore, the disc trap condensate first through the bonnet jacket and then into the center hole to slow the control room steam condensation.

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