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How To Choose The Correct Hydrophobic Ball Valve
Mar 02, 2018

Hydrophobic ball valve structure is simple, the internal only a fine grinding of stainless steel hollow float, which is the float and the opening and closing pieces, no easy to butterfly parts, long service life, hydrophobic ball valve with automatic exhaust within the device, very sensitive, High quality of work. Ball valve seat is always below the liquid level to form a water seal, no steam leaks, energy-saving effect. Free float ball traps from temperature and pressure fluctuations in the work of continuous drainage. Saturated condensate can drain the temperature, heating equipment, there is no water, can make the heating valve equipment to achieve the best heat transfer efficiency, the back pressure valve gate at 85%, is the production process of heating equipment, one of the best trap.

Use trap, we must first pay attention to selection. Improper selection, will cause water and air leakage phenomenon. Select the trap, not only from the consideration of displacement, can not simply apply the look-up table should be based on the amount of hydrophobic (condensate volume) and the valve before and after the pressure difference, in accordance with the valve sample to determine the size and quantity.

Selection of hydrophobic ball valve, the device must be consumed by steam consumption per hour by multiplying the selection rate of 2-3 times the maximum amount of condensate to select the hydrophobic ball valve displacement. Hydrophobic ball valve can be guaranteed to discharge the condensate as soon as possible when driving, rapidly raising the temperature of the heating equipment. Hydrophobic ball valve discharge energy is not enough, will result in condensate can not be discharged in time, reducing the thermal efficiency of heating equipment. Hydrophobic ball valve selection, not nominal pressure to select the trap, because the nominal pressure can only be said that the trap body pressure level, hydrophobic ball valve nominal pressure and pressure vary widely. Therefore, according to the work pressure to choose the trap drainage. Working pressure is the working pressure before the trap minus the difference between the outlet pressure of the trap outlet. Select the hydrophobic ball valve requires accurate impeding drainage, high sensitivity, can improve steam utilization, no leakage of steam, reliable performance, high back pressure, long life, easy maintenance is the preferred conditions. In the production process of heat exchange equipment, drying room, rapid heat exchangers, distillation equipment, etc. need to quickly warming, does not allow the existence of condensed water production heating equipment, should be used mechanical hydrophobic ball valve. In the steam pipe, heating pipelines, heating equipment, low temperature requirements of steam equipment, should be selected hydrostatic type hydrophobic ball valve. In the high temperature and pressure overheated steam lines and equipment, should be used over the steam valve dedicated hydrophobic ball.

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