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Global Market Demand For Industrial Valves
May 22, 2018

According to ValveWorld's statistics, among the global market demand for industrial valves, oil and natural gas, including drilling, mining, transportation, and petrochemicals, accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 37.40%, followed by demand in the fields of energy, power, and chemicals, which accounted for the global industrial valve market, respectively. 

With 21.30% and 11.50% of demand, market demand in the top three areas accounted for 70.20% of the total market demand. In the field of domestic industrial valve applications, chemical industry, energy, electricity and oil and natural gas industries are also the most important market for valve sales. The market demand for their valves accounts for 25.70%, 20.10% and 14.70% of the total domestic industrial market demand, respectively. 60.50% of total market demand

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