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Five Characteristic Metal Seat Butterfly Valve
Aug 22, 2018

Five characteristics of  Metal seated butterfly valve

The metal hard sealing butterfly valve is an eccentric metal sealing structure, the sealing form is metal-to-metal sealing, the metal sealing ring can be replaced by metal sealing, the stainless steel plate and the graphite composite plate sealing ring are metal sealing. The driving form of the metal hard sealing butterfly valve is not only electric. Also: manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic and so on.

The disc of the metal hard seal butterfly valve is mounted in the diameter direction of the pipe. In the cylindrical passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped disc rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0° and 90°. When rotated to 90°, the valve is fully open.

The characteristics of the new high-life stainless steel butterfly valve and the problems in the use of the butterfly valve At present, the metal hard-sealed butterfly valve is used as a component for the on-off and flow control of the pipeline system, and has been used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, hydropower, etc. It is widely used. In the well-known butterfly valve technology, the sealing form is mostly sealed, and the sealing material is rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene or the like. Due to structural limitations, it is not suitable for industries such as high temperature resistance, high pressure, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. A relatively advanced butterfly valve is a three-eccentric metal hard sealing butterfly valve. The valve body and the valve seat are connected members, and the sealing surface layer of the valve seat is welded with a temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy material. The multi-layer soft stack sealing ring is fixed on the valve plate. Compared with the traditional butterfly valve, the butterfly valve has high temperature resistance, is light in operation, and has no friction in opening and closing. When closing, the seal is compensated with the increase of the torque of the transmission mechanism, and the butterfly valve is improved. The sealing performance and the advantage of extending the service life. Features 

  1. The metal hard sealing butterfly valve adopts three eccentric sealing structure, the valve seat and the butterfly plate have almost no wear, and the sealing function is tighter and tighter;

2. The sealing ring is made of stainless steel. It has the double advantages of hard metal seal and elastic seal. It has excellent sealing performance under low temperature and high temperature, and has corrosion resistance and long service life.

3. The sealing surface of the butterfly plate is made of surfacing cobalt-based hard alloy, the sealing surface is wear-resistant and has a long service life;

4. Large-size butterfly plate adopts truss structure, high strength, large flow area and small flow resistance;

5. The valve has a two-way sealing function, which is not restricted by the flow direction of the medium during installation, and is not affected by the spatial position, and can be installed in any direction;

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