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Fire Ball Valve Industry Standard Release Implementation
Jul 17, 2018

The Technical Supervision Committee of the Ministry of Public Security approved the release of the GA 79-2010 "Fire Ball Valve" industry standard on December 5, 2010. This standard is a mandatory standard and will be implemented from the date of approval. GA 79-1994 "Fire Ball Valve Performance Requirements and Test Methods" shall be abolished at the same time.

The fire ball valve is the main component in the fire water supply pipeline. It is widely used in fire water supply systems, foam fire extinguishing systems, fire engines and other fire fighting facilities and fire fighting equipment. Its performance directly affects the stability and reliability of the water supply pipeline. The original fire ball valve standard was established in 1994. This revision work combines the standard implementation over the years and the technical development trend of related products at home and abroad to further improve the technical requirements and test methods of the fire ball valve.

Compared with the 1994 version, the new version of the standard has mainly changed the following in terms of technical content:

1. Increased the classification of “drive mode”;

2. Simplified the specification requirements, and changed to DN (nominal size) according to relevant standards, and adjusted the model preparation method;

3. Increase the structural length and connection size requirements of the ball valve;

4. Increased the requirements of the ball valve runner;

5. Increased the requirements of the ball valve power drive device;

6. Increased corrosion resistance requirements and test methods for overcurrent components;

7. Increased the requirements for emergency operation handles;

8. Revised the indicators of pressure resistance, sealing performance and static pressure life;

9. Remove the regulations for the color of the ball valve coating;

10. Modify the packaging, transportation and storage requirements of the ball valve;

11. Added description of ball valve test procedure and sample quantity.

The release and implementation of this industry standard has adapted to the development needs of the fire ball valve industry. It will greatly improve the pressure bearing capacity of the water supply pipeline fire ball valve, greatly improve the safety of the water supply pipeline, further strengthen the quality supervision and management of products, and promote new The promotion and application of products and new technologies will play an important role in ensuring the safety of people's lives and property.

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