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Electric Actuator Flange Ball Valve
Jun 19, 2018

Electric Actuator Flange Ball Valve

The electric flanged ball valve only needs to operate with gas rotation of 90 degrees and a small torque can be closed tightly. The completely equal valve body cavity provides a small, straight flow path for the medium. Ball valves are generally considered to be suitable for direct opening and closing use, but recent developments have designed the ball valve to be used for throttling and controlling flow. The main characteristics of the ball valve are its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for general working medium such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, and also suitable for working medium with poor working conditions such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. The ball valve body can be integral or modular.

       Features and Uses of Electric Flange Ball Valve: The ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline. It can also be used to regulate and control the fluid. Compared with other valves, it has the following advantages.

       1, the fluid resistance is small, the ball valve is a type of fluid resistance in the valve type, even if it is a reduced diameter ball valve, its fluid resistance is also quite small.

       2. The thrust bearing reduces the friction torque of the valve stem, which can make the valve stem operate steadily and flexibly for a long time.

       3, the valve seat sealing performance is good, using PTFE and other elastic materials made of seals, the structure is easy to seal, and the ball valve sealing ability increases with the increase of medium pressure.

       4. The valve stem seal is reliable, because the valve stem is only used for imitating rotation without lifting movement, the filling seal of the valve stem is not easy to damage, and the sealing capacity increases as the pressure of the medium increases.

       5, due to PTFE and other materials have good self-lubricating properties, and the ball friction loss is small, so the ball valve has a long service life.

       6. The convex stem of the bottom-mounted stem and the stem head prevents the valve stem from being sprayed. If the fire causes the stem seal to fail, a metallic contact can also be formed between the convex step and the valve body to ensure the stem seal.

       7. Anti-static function: Set the spring between the ball, valve stem and valve body to export the static electricity generated during the switch process.

       Electric Flange Ball Valve Actuator: Adopts a new series of GT pneumatic actuators, double-acting and single-acting (spring return), rack and pinion drive, safe and reliable; large-diameter valve adopts series AW pneumatic actuator fork type Transmission, reasonable structure, large output torque, double acting and single acting.

       1. Gear type double piston, large output torque, small size.

       2, the use of aluminum alloy cylinder material, light weight, beautiful appearance.

       3. Manual operation mechanism can be installed at the top and bottom.

       4, rack-type connection can adjust the opening angle, rated flow.

       5. Actuators can provide feedback indications and various accessories for automatic operation.

       6. IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for installation and replacement of products.

       7. The two-point adjusting screw allows the standard product to have an adjustable range of ±4° at 0° and 90°.

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