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Bellow Type Globe Valve Order Is Coming Finished
Apr 19, 2018

Bellow Type Globe Valve order is coming finished

Application specification 

KS bellows globe valve valve is suitable for nominal pressure PN1.6-4.0MPa, working temperature -20°C-350°C. The KS Bellows Globe Valves are suitable for pipelines in various conditions such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer, and power industry, cutting off or connecting pipeline media.


1, simple structure, manufacturing and maintenance more convenient.

2, the work schedule is small, opening and closing time is short.

3, good sealing, low friction between the sealing surface, long life.

4. The valve body has a straight-through, direct-flow, and right-angled structure. Straight through is the most common structure, but its fluid resistance is greatest. The DC type fluid has a small resistance, and is mostly used for fluids containing solid particles or with high viscosity. The right-angle valve body is mostly forged and is suitable for smaller pass-by valves and higher pressure shut-off valves.

5, in the opening and closing process, the sealing surface friction is smaller than the gate valve, wear-resistant.

6, usually only one sealing surface, the manufacturing process is good, easy to repair.


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