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2018 KS Valve Sales Conference How To Be Knowledgeable For Industrial Valve Filed?
Mar 18, 2018

Sales Conference"How to be a real knowledgeable sales man for valve?"

18th,March 2018.Our President Mr.Wang Had a Annual Salse Conference "how to be a real knowledgeable sales man for valve?"

The Following is his speech:

Engage in valve sales, must be knowledgeable, "This is a summary of the valve industry engaged in the sale of the old predecessors, this "line" not only refers to the valve sales to understand some of the necessary valves, there must be rich

Valve selection experience. More must understand the entire valve market. Of course, the market is divided into internal valve market and external valve market. For example, in China's valve industry, there has been a large and complete phenomenon. There is a situation in which supply exceeds demand. Most of the company's products do not have high-end quality. "And some companies are only focusing on sales that do not pay attention to after-sales service, and most of the products are Universal.

Valve products do not form their own leading, featured brands. These are external valve quotes that a salesperson must know. The internal valve market refers to the entire sales process and customer communication process. The first is to treat others with integrity and to achieve the “four meetings” that is, “do it, speak, write, and remember”.


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