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What is the advantages of pneumatic ball valve?
Apr 01, 2018

What is the advantages of pneumatic ball valve?

In the pipeline equipment, the pneumatic clamping ball valve has a relatively wide range of applications, ranging from petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power station, and light industry, to various types of oil, water, gas, pulp, and fibrous fluids. Adjusting or cutting off control can effectively save labor costs. Do you know what are the advantages of pneumatic ball valves? Why are so many industries using pneumatic ball valves? Let's take a look at the advantages of ball valves.

First, the advantages of pneumatic ball valve

The safety configuration is high. It is composed of a pneumatic dual-piston rack-and-pinion actuator and an ultra-short flange distance ball valve. The pneumatic piston actuator is divided into two types: spring type and non-spring type. Under the fault, when the valve is fully opened or closed, it is equipped with a spring type (recovering the spring by restoring tension). When the fault is required to maintain the position, there is no spring type. It mainly consists of cylinders, springs, pistons, piston rods, front and rear cylinder heads, racks, and output shafts. For two-position on-off valves, solenoid valves and limit switches are required; for proportional-type regulators, positioner devices are required. Safe control, more reliable use.

Second, pneumatic ball valve two advantages

Good sealing performance with integrated structure. Through precise processing and assembly, after the ball core is loaded from one end, the pressure ring is tightened so that the two soft seal valve seats maintain good contact and seal with the ball core. At the same time, the inner ring of the pressure ring also achieves a good seal, so that the leakage of the valve work is zero. Core channel shapes are V-shaped and O-shaped. The valve body has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight, and easy installation.

Pneumatic clamping ball valve has so many advantages that it is not difficult to understand that it will be used by various industries and high frequency applications.

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