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What is a trunnion mounted ball valve?
Jun 28, 2018

The trunnion ball valve has two-piece and three-piece valve body structures. The middle flange is connected by bolts. The seal is reinforced with PTFE embedded in a stainless steel ring. The rear of the steel ring is provided with a spring to ensure that the valve seat is tightly attached to the ball body. Keep sealed. The upper and lower valve stems are equipped with PTFE bearings to reduce friction and save labor. The adjustment plate is arranged at the bottom of the small shaft to ensure the connection between the ball and the seal ring. Full diameter: The valve flow aperture is the same as the inside diameter of the pipeline for the pipeline cleaning.

        Trunnion ball valve performance advantages

        1. Operational effort: The ball is supported by upper and lower bearings, which reduces friction and eliminates the excessive torque caused by the huge sealing load caused by the inlet pressure pushing the ball and the seal seat.

        2, reliable sealing performance: PTFE single material sealing ring embedded in the stainless steel valve seat, metal valve seat end with a spring to ensure that the sealing ring enough pre-tightening force, the valve in use during the sealing surface wear, under the action of the spring The valve continues to guarantee good sealing performance.

        3. Fireproof structure: In order to prevent the occurrence of sudden heat or fire, the PTFE seal ring is burned and a large leakage occurs, which encourages the fire, and sets a fireproof seal ring between the ball body and the valve seat. When the seal ring burns, Under the action of the spring force, the valve seat seal ring is rapidly pushed onto the ball body to form a metal and metal seal, which plays a certain degree of sealing effect. The fire resistance test meets the requirements of APl6FA and APl607 standards.

        4. Automatic Pressure Relief Function: When the medium pressure of the valve cavity stagnates abnormally and exceeds the preload of the spring, the valve seat retreats from the sphere and reaches the effect of automatic pressure relief. After relieving pressure, the valve seat automatically recovers.

        5. Drainage pipeline: Drain holes are arranged above and below the valve body to check whether the valve seat is leaking. In the work, when the valve is fully opened or fully closed, the pressure in the middle chamber can be removed and the packing can be replaced directly; the middle chamber can be discharged. Retentate to reduce media contamination of the valve

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