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What is a silent check valve?
Apr 17, 2018

What is a silent check valve?

Silencer check valve Features Uses:

     1. The valve flap adopts the "bullet head" shape design. The valve body adopts the "waist drum" shape design to improve the medium flow and reduce the flow resistance coefficient.

     2. The valve adopts a short structure, although the head loss is slightly larger than the lift-type silent check valve, but the volume is small and the price is low

     3, compact structure, between the guide shaft and the guide frame is equipped with non-metallic lubrication sleeve, valve flap lift is flexible, does not produce lock phenomenon

     4. The skeleton type rubber seal ring is directly embedded in the valve body, avoiding the direct eroding of the seal ring by the medium for a long time, the service life is obviously prolonged, and the sturdy and durable.

     5, valve flap opening and closing stroke can effectively prevent water hammer

     6. Applicable to water supply and drainage system, high-rise building pipe network, can be installed at the outlet of the pump, and the structure is slightly modified. It can be used as a water-absorbing bottom valve, but it is not applicable to the sewage pipe network.

     Muffler check valve principle structure

     1. During the use of this valve, the medium flows in the direction of the arrow in the figure.

     2. When the medium flows in the specified direction, the valve flap is opened by the action of the medium force; when the medium is counter-flowing, the sealing surface of the valve flap and the valve seat is closed due to the weight of the valve flap and the opposing force of the valve flap by the medium. Close together to achieve the purpose of preventing media from flowing backwards.

     3. The sealing surface of the valve body and the valve flap is made of stainless steel.

     4, the length of the structure is in line with GB/T12221-2005 standard, flange connection in line with GB/T17241.6-2008 standard.

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