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What are the sanitary valves for the beverage industry?
Jul 15, 2018

Hygienic valves are widely used in food, beverage, industrial and other sanitary equipment with high requirements. The main valve body material is the most advanced stainless steel 316L as the main material of the valve body. Generally, the pharmacy or food factory is used for the maintenance and configuration of related equipment. The sanitary valves of strict requirements generally need to pass the national CCC certification, the National Quality Supervision Bureau certification, and the National Drinking Water Management Committee certification.
Hygienic valve main caliber size:

Size A B H L
DN15 90.0 34.0 65.0 105.0
DN20 100.0 34.0 65.0 105.0
DN25 110.0 50.5 70.0 105.0
DN32 20.0 50.5 80.0 130.0
DN40 140.0 50.5 80.0 150.0
DN50 164.0 64.0 85.0 150.0
DN65 180.0 110.0 110.0 150.0
[Connection]: Quick loading, welding, threading (optional)

[Standard]: ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A, etc.

[Material]: Stainless steel sus304 and sus316L

[Sealing ring]: The standard is silicone sealing ring

[Package]: Carton/Wooden Packaging/Plastic

[Working pressure]: 1.0Mpa

[Working temperature]: -10 °C + 150 °C

[weight]: based on the theoretical weight of the product

[Applicable medium]: gas, liquid, steam

[Quality]: The product is treated with high-grade polishing equipment inside and outside to meet the surface precision requirements.

Hygienic valves for the beverage industry include: stainless steel sanitary butterfly valves, three-piece butterfly valves, quick-fit butterfly valves, external thread butterfly valves, sanitary diaphragm valves, sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valves, stainless steel sanitary U-tube diaphragm valves, stainless steel sanitary grade Ball valve, dairy ball valve, sanitary ball valve 3P, sanitary ball valve 2P, no dead angle, with ball valve, sanitary clamp ball valve. Stainless steel sanitary check valves, welded check valves, sanitary three-way plug valves, sanitary manual shut-off valves, T-shaped stop valves, sampling valves, sanitary regulators, sanitary floor drains and other products. Due to its high-standard manufacturing standards, there are constantly unqualified products in the domestic valve market. There are only a few manufacturers that are specially manufactured in China and meet the relevant national standards. For this reason, our customers must find professional qualified sanitary valve manufacturers when purchasing sanitary valves. We must not be greedy and cheaper when it comes to counterfeit products. We remind everyone to be cautious in purchasing.

Shanghai KS Flow Control Equipments Co.,Ltd is a valve manufacture with more than 30 years of valve manufacturing experience, which set up in 1984,specializing in Ball Valve,Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve and Butterfly Valve.

The company has advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, more than 70 CNC machine tools and machining centers, three spray lines. The company has established a complete physical and chemical laboratories, with direct reading spectrometer, spectrum alloy analyzer, helium mass spectrometer leak detector, electronic universal testing machine, coordinate measuring instrument, nondestructive testing, torque life test, high and low temperature comprehensive performance test device Etc.

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