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V-ball valve characteristics introduced
Jun 30, 2018

Pneumatic V-shaped regulating ball valve is a right-angle rotary regulating valve. It is used with the valve positioner to realize the proportional adjustment. It can be used with the two-position five-way solenoid valve and control box to realize the switch control. V-type ball valve valve core Designed with a special shape V-notch, with precise closure properties and control functions, suitable for a variety of control applications, with a large rated flow coefficient, adjustable ratio, superior sealing performance, compact structure, small size, can be vertical Horizontal installation and other advantages. Suitable for gas, liquid, solid granular media control. Because the valve core and the valve seat have no backlash between them, it has a large shear force and self-cleaning performance, and is particularly suitable for the control of suspensions and solid particles containing fibrous or minute solid particles. Therefore, this product Is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, paper, metallurgical and other industries.


1: Pneumatic V-ball valve consists of V-type valve body and ZSQ pneumatic actuator and other accessories. It is a high-grade control valve with a right-angled rotary structure. The V-ball valve does not require repair for a long time and has a long service life, providing you with a truly efficient valve for controlling process conditions.
2: With excellent regulation characteristics: V-shaped ball valve has approximately equal percentage flow characteristics and up to 300:1 adjustable ratio. Therefore, the V-ball valve can provide precise control over a wide range of variations.
3: Maximum flow volume: Because of its streamline line-out and full-angle rotation control, the maximum value of the volume is particularly high, the flow capacity is particularly large, and the circulation resistance is small, so that a smaller and more economical valve size can be used.
4: V-type ball valve adopts double bearing structure, high mechanical stability and small starting torque, which ensures the valve has good sensitivity and induction speed.
5: Maximum reliability (safety): The valve body is an integral structure that is sturdy and durable. The operation is not affected by the pressure of the pipe and it can avoid the leakage of the valve body.
6: Superior sealing of metal seats: V-valve uses movable metal seats, self-compensating function, excellent sealing performance and long service life
7: Super shear capacity: V-ball valve adopts metal hard seal structure, V-shaped valve core and metal seat in the rotation process, V-notch and valve seat to generate a strong shear force can cut off fiber and other impurities, And has a self-cleaning function to prevent valve stuck phenomenon.

Compact structure, small and light, easy installation and easy maintenance.

Pneumatic actuator adopts piston type cylinder and crank arm conversion structure, which has large output torque and small size. The actuator adopts fully sealed waterproof design with high protection level. The cylinder adopts imported mirror cylinder, no oil lubrication, small friction coefficient, corrosion resistance, and Superior durability and reliability. All drive bearings are self-lubricated with no boundary lubrication, ensuring that the drive shaft does not wear.

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