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Types of common check valves
May 07, 2018

What are the common check valve models? Let KS-FLOW VALVE introduce to the common check valve model!

Collet lift check valve model: H71H, H71Y, H71F

Multifunctional Silent Check Valve Model: HDW41X

Micro-resistance slow-closing check valve model: HH44H, HH44X

Vertical Check Valve Model: H72H

Micro-resistance butterfly butterfly valve type:HH46X,HH48X,HH49H

Vertical Check Valve Models: H42Y, H42W

Hydraulic Check Valve Model: H7B41X

Wafer Disc Check Valve Model: H74H, H74X

Swing check valve type: H44H, H44Y

Lift Forged Steel Check Valve Model: H11H, H11Y, H61H, H61Y

Swing type forged steel check valve model: H64H, H64Y

Low Temperature Swing Check Valve Model:DH44Y

Counter Double-Valve Check Valve Models: H76H, H76Y, H76W, H76X

Lifting check valve model: H41H, H41Y

Power Station Check Valve Model: H64Y

Female Swing Check Valve Model: H14H, H14Y, H14W

Silent Check Valve Model: HC42X (DRVZ)

Rubber Valve Check Valve Model: HC44X

Muffler Check Valve Model: HC41X

Wear-free ball check valve model: HQ41X, HQ44X, HQ45X

Micro-resistance slow closing muffler check valve model: DHH44H, HH47H

The above is the most common type of check valve. If not, please add it.

Our Company specializing in Ball Valve,Gate Valve,Check Valve,Globe Valve,Butterfly Valves,ect.With more than 30 years of valve manufacturing experience

Pressure range:Class150-Class2500,PN10-PN420.

Size range:NPS1/2-NPS80,DN15-DN2000.

Operation type: manual, gearbox, chain wheel, pneumatic, electronic, hydraulic-pneumatic etc.

Connection End: flanged, BW, SW, NPT, wafer type, etc.

Materials (casting): WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, LC1~3, CF8, CF3, CF8M, CF3M, CF8C, CN7M, CA15, C5, WC5, WC6, WC9, etc.

Materials (forging): A105, LF1, LF2, F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F11, F22, F6, F51, F316H, F321, F347, etc.

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