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There are several measures for valve quality
Sep 15, 2018

Valves are the control components of fluid piping, so the quality of the valves is critical when used, so what is the quality of the valves in production from that point of view? The Wuxi Clariant Pneumatic Ball Valve Factory made the following explanation.

1, switch control
The use of various valves, including Wuxi Clariant butterfly valves, the switch control and sealing of valves are the most important points. The switch of the valve directly affects a series of production such as production and transportation. Therefore, valve control is one of the important metrics when evaluating the quality of valves.
Measurement method:
Wuxi Clariant valve seals the produced valve. If the valve switch is feasible and there is no leakage during the test, the factory will be allowed. If there is an experiment that does not meet the requirements, then it is necessary to re-inspect, maintain, and measure the product to ensure that each valve has a reliable quality assurance.
2, valve strength
The valve is the control component of the fluid line, so there is a corresponding medium through the valve when in use. If the valve body, disc and sealing surface of the valve cannot meet the corresponding requirements, the valve will be corroded and the production process will be affected. Generally speaking, the requirements for valve strength are mainly considered from the various conditions of temperature, corrosivity and pressure of the medium. Wuxi Clariant Valve employees will confirm the valve condition with the customer when providing customers with product quotation and other services to provide the most suitable products for customers.
3, vibration
When the valve is opened and closed, the water hammer effect will occur due to the flow of the medium. Although the impact damage to the valve is small, the damage to the fluid pipeline is relatively large, so the producer needs to consider the production of the valve. The emergence and response of the problem.
4, leakage
There are two main types of leakage, one is internal leakage and the other is external leakage.
External leakage is mainly caused by improper installation. Therefore, workers are required to install according to the installation requirements when installing the valve to avoid the appearance of external leakage.

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