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The difference between the action of the gate and the valve and the role of each part of the gate
Jul 08, 2018

First, the difference between the role of the gate and the valve

The role of the gate: the gate is one of the weight components of the hydraulic structure. It closes the orifice of the building according to the need, and can open the orifice completely or partially to adjust the downstream water level and flow to achieve flood control and irrigation. Benefits such as water supply and power generation; can also be used to remove floating objects, silt, ice, etc., or to provide necessary conditions for maintenance of related buildings and equipment.

The role of the valve: the valve is divided into the shut-off valve is mainly used for the opening and closing and flow regulation of the small-diameter pipe branch pipe or the end of the pipeline; the butterfly valve is used for the closing and flow regulation of the branch pipe; the gate valve is used for the opening and closing of the trunk pipe, generally not used For flow adjustment.

Second, the role of the various parts of the gate:

The composition of the gate: the gate is generally composed of an active part, a buried part and an opening and closing device.

The buried part is a member embedded in the civil structure, mainly the threshold of the opening, the bottom sill and the supporting track. Through these components, the load on the door leaf (including self-weight, etc.) is transmitted to the civil structure, and together with the door leaf, the water stop structure of the gate is formed and the guide and limit are provided for the movement of the door leaf. This part is generally referred to as the door slot embedding. The door trough embedding generally comprises a supporting walking embedding member, a water stopping embedding member and a lining embedding member.

The opening and closing device is an operating machine that controls the opening and closing of the door leaf. Generally, it is a screw hoist, a winch, and the like.

The door leaf of the gate is generally composed of a panel, a frame, a supporting traveling component, a spreader, a water stopping component and the like.

Panel: The water-blocking part of the closed orifice is directly subjected to water pressure and then transmitted to the frame.

Frame: A frame made up of beams that have sufficient strength and rigidity to support the panel and transfer the water pressure from the panel to the support member.

Supporting the walking parts: Passing the force transmitted from the frame to the foundation of the civil engineering and ensuring that the gates are flexible and reliable when moving.

Spreader: A component that is connected to an opening and closing device.

Water stop component: A component used to close the gap between the gate and the buried part, so that the gate seals the orifice to reduce water leakage or water leakage.

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