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Selection of Motorized/electric ball valve
Mar 25, 2018

Electric ball valves are used for two-position cutting and adjusting. The connection between the valve and the actuator adopts the direct connection method. The original electronic brake circuit is used and the mechanical damping device is added to eliminate the inertia. The valve can be stopped instantly, no oscillation during positioning, and the positioning accuracy can reach more than 0.3%. SCR output, fast operation time, stable output and high reliability. Small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple matching, large circulation capacity, especially suitable for occasions where the medium is viscous, containing particles and fiber properties.

CX series actuators which made by KS Flow can directly receive 4 to 20mADC or 1 to 5VDC control signals output from computer or industrial instrumentation, 220VAC power supply, according to the valve position feedback signal and the set value comparison deviation to the actuator drive motor intelligent step Distance adjustment (PID adjustment) to achieve accurate positioning of the valve or other device opening matching with the actuator, and output position feedback signal of 4-20mADC at the same time. Its core control unit electronic servo controller applies modern digital technology and is designed on the basis of DCS/PLC specifications. It integrates signal acquisition, processing, feedback and control. The combination of technology and technology is safer and more efficient. For more information, please register at www.china-flow.com. Or call 021-51827608.

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