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Selection method for ball vlave
Mar 22, 2018

Floating Stainless steel Ball Valve

Due to the wide variety of valves, when selecting a ball valve, it is necessary to select the applicable ball valve according to the specific use situation. Today, the valve manufacturer tells us how to choose the ball valve, and what are the ball valve selection methods:

1. The main pipeline system for the transportation of oil and gas, which needs to be cleaned, and buried in the ground, shall be a ball valve with a full-diameter, all-welded structure; buried on the ground, full-diameter welded or flanged Ball valve; branch pipe, flange connection, welded connection, full diameter or hemispherical ball valve.

2. For pipelines and storage equipment for refined oil products, use flanged ball valves.

3. On the pipelines of city gas and natural gas, use floating ball valves with flange connection and internal thread connection.

4. In the oxygen pipeline system in the metallurgical system, a fixed ball valve that is strictly welded and flanged should be selected.

5, low temperature medium pipeline system and device, should use the valve cover of the insulation ball valve.

6. In the system and piping system of acid-alkali corrosive media in chemical systems, all stainless steel ball valves made of austenitic stainless steel and PTFE gaskets for valve seats should be used.

7. For metallurgical systems, power systems, petrochemical plants, and high-temperature medium pipeline systems or devices in urban heating systems, metal-to-metal sealed ball valves may be used.

8. When flow adjustment is required, a rotary type adjustment ball valve, pneumatic or electric V-shaped adjustment ball valve may be used.

     In addition, the pipe diameter of the ball valve shall be selected according to the discharge capacity of the actual ball valve of the pipe, the allowable flow resistance, the size of the valve seat hole, etc., and the appropriate material shall be selected according to the pipe temperature. The quality of valve products flooded in the market is not the same. When selecting the ball valve, we should try to select some well-known domestic patented technology manufacturers.

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