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How to install and maintain Y-type filter?
Apr 05, 2018

Y type filter selection principle

1. Import and export path:

In principle, the inlet and outlet of the filter should not be smaller than the matching inlet diameter of the pump, generally the same as the diameter of the inlet pipe.

2, nominal pressure:

The pressure level of the filter is determined by the high pressure that may occur in the filter line.

3, the choice of the number of holes:

The main consideration is the particle size of the impurities to be intercepted, which depends on the process requirements of the media process. The size of screen sizes that can be intercepted by various specifications can be found in the table below.

4, filter material:

The material of the filter is generally the same as the material of the connected process piping. For different service conditions, filters such as cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel, or stainless steel may be selected.

5, filter resistance loss calculation

Water filter, pressure loss is 0.52~1.2kpa under normal calculation of rated flow rate

Y-type filter installation and maintenance


Carefully clean the threaded surface of all pipes before installing the filter. Use pipe sealant or Teflon tape (PTFE).

To moderate. The end threads are not treated to avoid the sealant or Teflon tape entering the piping system. The filter can be installed horizontally or

Install vertically downwards.


When installing 1-1/4” (DN32) or larger bore socket welding filters or all D series filters, care should be taken to use this type of filter mat

The sheet is non-metallic and easily damaged by overheating. Therefore, the welding time should be shortened and the filter should be made after the welding is completed.

cool down. If you need to warm up before welding or need to continue heating after welding (D series filter), it is recommended to remove the gasket and then heat it.

Filter operation and maintenance

After the system has been working for a period of time (usually no more than one week), it should be cleaned to remove the accumulated noise during the initial operation of the system.

Contaminants on the Internet. After that, it must be cleaned regularly. The number of cleaning depends on the working conditions. If the filter does not have a drain plug,

The filter stopper and filter should be removed when cleaning the filter.

Note: Before each maintenance, cleaning, the filter should be isolated from the pressure system. After cleaning, use the new secret when reinstalling

Sealing pad.

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