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High-pressure ball valve in the pipeline adverse phenomena dealt with
Mar 02, 2018

1, high-pressure valve violent vibration: electric rotor may be unbalanced, or bad coupling, bearing wear and tear; may also rotate part of the parts loose, rupture; may be due to the pipe bracket is not strong and so on. Can be taken to adjust, repair, reinforcement, replacement and other methods to deal with;

2, the pipeline leakage or leakage: the screw may be high-pressure ball valve installation is not tight. If the leakage is not serious, in the place of leakage or leakage coated with cement or asphalt mixing oil slurry. Temporary repair can be painted wet mud or soft soap. If leakage occurs at the connector, tighten the nut by hand. Leak serious must re-disassembly;

3, overheating filler: mostly due to too tight packing, cooling water can not enter the filler, or shaft surface damage. Proper relaxation of packing can be taken to clear up the sealing tube blockage and other measures. Filler wear must be replaced by new ones. Soak it in the oil before installation, insert it in turn, and cut it off, which will reduce water leakage. After the last lap packing is installed, the gland should be installed tightly and the tightness should be adjusted during operation.

4, high-pressure ball valve can not be cut off or connected to the medium in the pipeline: the reason for the end of the valve stuck, partial blockage of the water, water height is too high or water leaks, may also be due to steering, impeller runner blockage . After one by one inspection, respectively, to take the end of repair valve, remove the blockage, correct steering, cleaning impeller and other measures to deal with.

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