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Electric valve and solenoid valve What is the difference
Mar 02, 2018

Electric valves and solenoid valves are driven by external force to operate the spool, they have much in common. The most fundamental difference between them is the role of different ways, the following on the solenoid valve and electric valve to do a comparative analysis of the mode of action:

1. Solenoid valve commonly used for liquid and gas pipeline switching control, is a two-DO control, can only be achieved on and off, and the switching action is short; and electric valves are commonly used in liquid, gas and wind system piping as a simulation of medium flow The amount of adjustment is AI control, this control takes time to simulate, and the switch action takes some time.

2. Solenoid valve through the coil drive; electric valve driven by the motor.

Solenoid valve is generally small flow coefficient, the working pressure difference is very small, driven by the solenoid coil is relatively vulnerable to voltage shock damage, it is suitable for small flow, small pressure of small pipe, such as leakage, special fluid medium pipe; Electric Valves are generally motorized to withstand voltage surges and can be used at the end of a fan coil.

4. The solenoid valve can usually be reset after power off, but the electric valve needs to add the reset device to realize the reset.

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