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Drainage valve has a bright future
Jun 04, 2018

Drainage valve is an indispensable water industry product. It is mainly used in urban, construction, enterprise water supply and drainage engineering, industrial and domestic sewage treatment and water conservancy projects, among which the main applications are various types of medium and low pressure valves, including Various types of butterfly valves and gate valves, among others, are ball valves, check valves, exhaust valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, pressure reducing valves, flow regulating valves, and mud discharge valves.

At present, the consideration of more sewage utilization is secondary treatment of urban sewage treatment plants. There are two forms of water use: direct reuse and indirect use. Direct reuse is mostly used for farmland irrigation and pastures and other waters near the water plant. The methods and methods of reuse are relatively limited by geographical restrictions, and the deployment and operation are inconvenient. Although this type of water has undergone artificial strengthening and disinfection measures, However, due to the natural purification that has not passed for a certain period of time, certain problems will arise when the use and control are not appropriate.

Indirect use is taken from the overall consideration of the water area. Water is purified from the upper reaches of the water body for use by the city. The produced sewage is purified by the urban sewage treatment plant and discharged downstream of the water body. Returning to the water body, natural purification of a certain river section can be used as downstream. Urban or regional use.

Indirect use is to organically combine the social circulation of water in the natural world with the natural circulation. Within the limits of the self-purification capacity of water bodies, the use of water bodies will not cause any harm. This approach requires macro management. Is an important way to the sustainable use of water resources

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