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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of V type ball valve, single seat control valve and two seat control valve
Jun 30, 2018

Two-seat control valve has upper and lower two valve seats, so the unbalanced force is small. It is suitable for occasions where the pressure difference is relatively large and the request for leakage is not high. The equal-caliber two-seat control valve can also request the actuator's standard. Smaller; however, the double-seat regulating valve has a messy flow path, large moving resistance, and small adjustable size; the valve stem moves up and down, and the valve core has poor stability and large oscillation.

The V-ball valve has great advantages over the straight-travel two-seat regulating valve. These advantages are determined by the construction of the V-ball valve. The valve core of V-shaped ball valve adopts a partial-pain structure on the structure. In addition to the closed position, the core seat does not touch the rest of the bearings to reduce the wear. Once the valve core opens, the valve seat is disengaged, reducing the working torque. The unique V-shaped opening on the valve core makes it possible to perfectly ensure the valve's adjustment performance at a small opening, and handles the problem that the straight stroke valve has poor operation characteristics at a small opening. ?

The flow path of the V-ball valve is simple, single-pass type, with low moving resistance and large adjustable size. The pressure recovery coefficient of the open-type valve is higher than that of the double-seat valve, and is more suitable for the situation of catastrophic attack.

V-type ball valve spool, stem movement for the rolling, and linear movement of the valve, can overcome the pressure difference, is a straight stroke valve 2.5 to 10 times.

When dealing with high-temperature queries, the V-ball valve adopts a rigid-flexible elastic hard seal to handle high-temperature expansion to make the core seat hold and card question adjustment. The advantages and disadvantages of the V-ball valve and the two-seat control valve are selected together with high-temperature wear-resistant filler to ensure Stem seal reliability at high temperatures. V-type ball valve and single-seat control valve compared: V-ball valve because of its good performance and cut off the performance of regulation, in the field of industrial automation is receiving more and more attention, in many single-seat valve applications, There is a tendency to replace the V-ball valve. The advantages of V-ball valves over single-seat valves are:

First, the same size of the V-ball valve than the single-seat control valve size and weight should be smaller, more cost-effective, for those who have a limited budget but want to use the regulating valve, can save a lot of costs for the installation space For limited occasions, the use of V-ball valves represents a greater advantage than single-seat valves.

Second, single-seat valve Although the leakage is relatively small, but can not achieve zero leakage, which for the leakage of the requirements of very strict conditions, it can not meet the requirements, and V-ball valve can do zero leakage. This can not only meet the regulating performance requirements of the regulating valve, but also meet the cutting requirements of the shut-off valve.

Third, the ball of the V-ball valve has a shearing function, which is a good choice for medium containing particles. During the rotation of the ball, a wiping effect is generated, and the sealing surface can always ensure that no media is accumulated on the sealing surface, and the paper pulp is conveyed in the paper mill. In the process, the V-ball valve is a must-have choice.

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