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Centerline butterfly valve installation
Jun 13, 2018

Centerline butterfly valve preparation before installation:

     1. Before installation, check whether the specification and material of the butterfly valve are in accordance with the design.

     2. Clean sand, dust, foreign matter and debris in the interior before installation to avoid unsmooth movement or leakage.

     3. The relevant piping before installation should be properly suspended and fixed according to the regulations to avoid improper stress on the valve after installation.

     4. The two flange surfaces of the piping must be parallel and concentric.

     5. There is no need to install additional gaskets between the butterfly valve and the flange during installation.

     6. Where the butterfly valve is in close proximity to the check valve or the pump, use a gradually expanding joint between the two to ensure that the torsion of the valve disc is not hindered.

     Centerline butterfly valve installation steps:

     1. Open the valve plate 10 degrees before installation. (The same is true before dismantling)

     2. Set the auxiliary screw in place to adjust the distance between the flange surfaces.

     3. Insert the butterfly valve without touching the two flange surfaces while inserting the remaining bolts.

     4. After confirming that the center of the butterfly valve is concentric with the center of the flange and the position of the valve disc switch is not obstructed by the inner diameter of the flange or adjacent parts, repeatedly lock the bolts in a diagonally progressive manner until the flange face contacts the end face of the valve body.

     5, after the completion of the device should be fully reconfirmed and fully closed.

     Centerline butterfly valve operation steps:

     1. Before starting the operation, use air spray to clean the foreign matter on the pipe, and clean the inner surface of the pipe with clean water.

     2. Open the valve to check the angle indicating plate to avoid twisting beyond the opening width and closing position.

     3. The operation of the switch is completely based on the indicator. If the force is applied to other hand tools, the angle indicating plate and the switch will be damaged.

     4, to do piping pressure test, the valve should be opened.

     5, after the pipe is full and long-term in the state, should be done 1 or 2 times a month to avoid switching

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