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Ball valve structure and application characteristics
Mar 02, 2018

Ball Valve Overview:

Manual ball valve opening and closing pieces (ball) by the valve stem, and around the stem axis for rotary motion valve. The utility model is mainly used for cutting off or connecting the medium in the pipeline and can also be used for regulating and controlling the fluid. The floating ball valve itself has the advantages of compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The sealing surface and the spherical surface are often closed, Erosion, easy to operate and repair, suitable for water, solvents, acids and natural gas and other general working medium, but also for poor working conditions of media such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene, widely used in various industries .

Ball valve structure features:

1, manual ball valve switch instructions

Sphere, stem, handle is the valve moving parts, is an assembly unit, stem head flat structure. It is easy to discern from the position of the handle that the valve is in the open or closed position. When the handle or stem flat side parallel to the pipe axis, the valve is in the open position; when the handle or stem flat side of the pipe axis perpendicular to the valve is closed.

2, the valve locking device (optional)

In order to prevent misoperation of the valve, ball valve in the design of the installation of keyhole positioning film to meet the user's process requirements, the valve can be fully open or fully closed position can lock the valve.

3, stem anti-flying structure

When the medium through the valve, the pressure in the body cavity may push the stem out. In order to prevent this from happening, a boss structure is arranged on the lower part of the valve stem. So that even in case of fire, packing, thrust bearing is burned or damaged by other reasons such as packing, the body of the media pressure will seal the stem bosses and valve body in close contact to prevent a large number of media leak from the damaged packing parts .

4, anti-static device

When operating the valve, due to friction between the ball and non-metallic valve seat, such as Teflon, will generate electrostatic charge and accumulate in the ball line. In order to prevent electrostatic sparks, special anti-static devices installed on the valve, the static electricity derived (.

5, fire structure

Floating ball valve seat with a unique structure, when a fire, the non-metallic sealing surface material burned, the use of spring metal ring to promote the valve seat seal with the ball seal, thus preventing the spread of fire and media outflow.

6, the central flange without leakage structure

Body and the left body is connected by gasket gasket, in order to prevent the fire, heat or vibration and other factors caused by the seal leaks here, specially designed as the valve body and the left metal metal contact, the formation of mouth flange, to ensure that no Leakage.

7, automatic relief structure

When the medium trapped in the valve cavity due to changes in piping system pressure or medium temperature and other factors, resulting in abnormal increase in pressure chamber, the cavity medium can rely on its own thrust push the valve seat and automatically relieve pressure to ensure that the valve Security.

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