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QB Series Unidirectional Sealing Knife Gate Valve

Product features: # Bottom plate with oblique angle design# Valve body with wedges on both sides# The above two features ensure the limit effect of closing the gate# The rim seal type seal is the most common seal form of the knife gate valve.# The new type of two-body stent increases the strength of the stent# PTFE limit blocks to ensure that the gate does not come in contact with the valve body, extending the service life of the gate...

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QB Series Unidirectional Sealing Knife Gate Valve

Product Informations:

Model: QBZ73X

Working pressure: 

DN50-DN100 16bar

DN125-DN200 10bar

DN250-DN400 7bar

DN450-DN550 5bar

DN600-DN700 3bar

DN800-DN900 2bar

DN1000-DN1400 1bar

Connection form: clip, plum, flange

Design Standard: JB/T8691-2013

Flange standard: GB/T9113.1-2010

Structure length: GB/T15188.2-94 chart6-7

Inspection Standard: GB/T13927-2008

Switch form: Handwheel, Turbine, Pneumatic, Electrical, Hydraulic, Electrohydraulic, Sprocket

Body material: GGG40,WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M

Gate material: F55, F53, 2205, SS310, SS316L, SS316, SS304

Sealing material: NBR, EPDM, FKM, PTFE (not sealed test), metal seal

Filler: aramid, high water, PTFE, rubber, graphite

Applicable medium: Applicable to mud, urban sewage treatment, sugar factory, powder, papermaking, medicine, chemical and other oil products. Metal seal is suitable for power plant coal preparation, slag discharge, mineral powder, slag, slag and other solid media.

Product description: QV series knife gate valve is a kind of knife gate valve structure with replaceable rubber sealing ring. The sealing principle is mainly through the close contact between the gate plate and the rubber seal ring, so as to achieve the sealing effect. The main characteristic of this structure is that the rubber sealing ring is The sleeve is in the step groove on the valve seat, and the seal ring is locked by the metal spring structure, so that the seal ring and the gate switch will not fall off in the sealing process, and the seal ring is broken, and the metal pressure sleeve can be removed to replace the rubber seal at will . Makes the valve use efficiency greatly improved. It is a cost-effective, high-performance product. This series of knife gate valves can be equipped with pneumatic actuators to meet different industrial and mining requirements

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