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Motorized Butterfly Valve

Lug Type Motorized butterfly valve with PTFE/NBR/EPDM seat Body Nominal size: DN40-DN600 Body material: WCB,Ductile iron,304,316 Connection type: Wafer, flange, LT- lug wafer type Pressure class: PN10,PN16 Structure type: The midline structure Valve components Disc material: Ductile iron nickel......

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Lug Type Motorized butterfly valve with PTFE/NBR/EPDM seat


1. Structure simple is compact, stable positioning, and the weight is light.
2. Designs reasonably, the assembling and dismantling and installation is easy, to be advantageous.
3. Minimized operating torque. Lever, gear, pneumatic and electric actuators can be chosen.
3. Rubber backed seat with stable valve torque. No leakage under the rated pressure.
4. Special design, high flow rate and low flow resistance.

Detailed Description:

Detailed Description:


Lug Type butterfly valve



End flange:

ANSI B 16.1,ASTM B 16.47,EN 1092, AS 2129, ISO PN10/16,JIS B2212/2213, BS 10 Table D, BS 10 Table E

Face to face:

ANSI B 16.10

Top flange:

ISO 5211

Norminal pressure:

DN40-DN600(1.5"-24") PN1.0/1.6MPa(150/200PSI) DN700-DN1200(28"-48") PN1.0MPa(150PSI)


Cast Iron/Ductile Iron/WCB/Carbon steel/AL-Bronze/CF8,SS304/CF8M,SS316


Ductile Iron/Ni-plated ductile iron/Nylon-plated ductile iron/AL-Bronze/Rubber lined Disc/1.2501/1.4529/CF8/CF8M/Hastelloy Alloy/Monel




NBR/Hypalon/EPDM/Neoprene/NR/Wear-Resistant EPDM/Viton/Silicon/Heat-Resistant EPDM/White EPDM/EPDM()/PTFE

Suitable temperature:

Normal Temperature -45 ~150


Fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, vapor, food, medicine, oils, alkalis, salt etc.

Design and manufacturing standards

Design and manufacture: GB/T12238-2008

Connection standard: JB/T 79.1-1994 ASME B16.10

Structure length: GB/T12221-2005 ASME B16.5

Pressure testing: GB/T13927-2008

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