High Temperature And Pressure Ball Valve Seal The Benefits Of Hard

Under normal working conditions, to maintain a harmonious temperature and pressure ratio, have a longer life and maintenance-free period, and reasonable corrosion data.

Ball valve hard seal and soft seal What is the essential difference?

1, the structural mechanism of the different

A hard seal is a seal between a metal and a metal, both the seal ball and the seat are metallic.

Soft seal is the contact of the two sealing surfaces can also be used alone, or all of the use of soft materials.

2, different sealing materials

Hard seal ball valve is the use of valve seat material precision machining, with the ball to ensure the accuracy.

Soft seal refers to the sealing material embedded in the valve seat is non-metallic material, the relative precision of the machining requirements will be low seal.

3, different conditions of use

Hard sealing can generally do very high pressure.

Soft seal due to the flow of media problems, corrosive media conditions can not be used.