High-pressure Ball Valve Specific Induction System

Under the action of the high-pressure ball valve, the flow of each valve is kept constant and unaffected by the change of the load. Mechanical Design, Machining, Design Software, Mechanical Engineer, Equipment Management, Welding, Hydraulic, Casting, Sealing, Measuring, Construction Machinery, Powder Metallurgy, Bearings, Gears, Valves, Industrial Automation

High-pressure ball valve sensing system will be the working pressure of the valve load reached the inlet valve pressure compensation bypass relief valve.

Two-way pressure compensating fixed differential pressure reducing valve: When multiple working piece valves work at the same time, the load pressure is transmitted to the spring side of the high-pressure ball valve. At this point, the negative feedback through the valve heart, to automatically adjust the throttle port pressure across the mouth, so that it remains basically unchanged.