A Brief Analysis Of Features Of Fully Welded Ball Valve

1. All-welded ball valves can withstand frequent operation with impurities and chemical substances and have a long life.

2, all welded ball valve grinding stainless steel ball can ensure smooth opening and closing for many years, reliable operation.

3, fully welded ball valve is enough float, the slope of elasticity to ensure that the seal ring pressed on the ball, in a timely manner in the case of unstable pressure, the valve can guarantee tight.

4. The anti-leakage structure of the all-welded ball valve stem uses two “o” rings to make the valve stem turn freely and tightly sealed.

5, does not require maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, long-term and reliable operation under low operating costs.

6, welding one ball valve stem can be extended, easy to keep warm.

7, the operating handle can be removed, reversing installation.

8, all welded ball body does not contain heavy and unreliable castings.

9. It is very easy to install the adjustment mechanism.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a little understanding of this outstanding product.