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2500lb Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve Desptch
Jul 10, 2018



Porduct Description

KS high pressure ball valve is mainly based on three-piece fixed ball valve. The basic working principle is: when the valve is in the closed position, the actuator moves, the valve stem rotates counterclockwise, the valve stem drives the ball to rotate at the same time, and the spherical flow channel and pipeline rotate after 90°. The flow channel is on the same line, the valve is open; when the action is closed, the actuator moves, the valve stem is rotated clockwise, the valve stem drives the ball valve to rotate clockwise, and the spherical flow path and the pipeline flow path are in a vertical state after being rotated by 90°. When the valve is closed, the valve seat piston ring is acted upon by the spring force behind the valve seat support ring, pushing the valve seat sealing surface toward the ball body, and the medium force is tightly pressed against the ball body by the difference in diameter between the piston ring and the sealing ring. At this time, the ball is fixed by the valve body and the bonnet shoulder to form a self-sealing closed ring to achieve the sealing effect; the working principle is the same in the reverse direction.


Valve body, ball, valve seat, valve stem, seal ring, support plate, etc.

Product performance

1. Caliber range: DN50~DN600, NPS2~NPS24;

2. Pressure range: PN260~PN420, CLASS1500~CLASS2500;

3. Mainly used in natural gas, oil pipelines, oceans and other environments;

4. All parts and components of the valve can be customized according to customer requirements. The seat structure is mainly DBB, DIB-1, DIB-2, and the seat seal can be hard or soft sealed.

5. Adopt standard ISO 5211 connecting plate, which can be customized according to customer requirements: manual, pneumatic, electric, gas-liquid linkage, electro-hydraulic linkage and other actuators;

6. In the high pressure pipeline is used to cut off the circulation of the medium;

7. Product life is 30 years.

product advantages

1. Adopt three-piece inner support structure without valve stem to reduce leakage point outside the valve;

2. Adopting a solid sphere, the surface of the sphere adopts the precision grinding technology of the numerical control grinder mirror;

3. The valve seat is double sealed with metal and non-metal, and the sealing performance is superior;

4. Valve stem precision machining technology, excellent sealing performance;

5. Internal support structure, small valve torque;

6. Refill the packing and stem seals;

7. Valve stem anti-blowing structure;

8. The valve stem and the seat position have a sealing grease injection function, and the grease injection valve is also equipped with a damping valve to prevent the internal medium of the valve body from being sprayed out from the grease injection hole when the grease is injected;

9. With independent valve bracket, the valve bracket is mounted on the valve body, so that the gland screw at the position of the valve stem is not subjected to shearing force;

10. It has fireproof function and meets the fire test requirements of API 607/API 6FA;

11. With anti-static structure.

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