Relief Hydrogenation and other General Valves Shipped Successfully

The valves used in our company for a petrochemical project, such as valves for permanent pressure reduction and hydrogenation, have now been shipped successfully.

The project is responsible for the prefabrication of installations for atmospheric and vacuum installations, light hydrocarbon recovery units, product refining units, air separation and air pressure, flare gas recovery facilities, and thermal power pipe networks throughout the plant. It is expected that the amount of prefabrication will be 20,000 tons of steel structures. , process pipeline 140 km (precast welded joints 400,000 吋 D). The completion of this project will increase the ability of crude oil purchases and product blending and optimization, and at the same time make the power facilities in the region go autonomous, centralized, stable, and economical. It also marks that the Electric Operation Department will gradually transform from an electric energy consumer to an electric energy producer, and then lays a solid foundation for the next “substantial power”.