High pressure ball valve fault judgment

1, through the high-pressure ball valve at run time to judge some abnormalities, such as abnormal sound, sparks, odor, abnormal fever, etc., and then proceed to the next step;

2, the use of numerical control system hardware alarm function: the use of alarm lights to generally determine the location of the fault;

3, the use of CNC system software alarm functions: In general, the program control system has an automatic diagnostic function, in order to be able to quickly diagnose the system, once found the fault will be displayed through the display or warning lights warning;

4, the use of circuit board detection terminal: a detection terminal in the circuit is used to detect the valve voltage and waveform of the work, and check the equipment is working properly.

Routine maintenance work should be based on the actual use of high pressure ball valve, and refer to the instructions for use, to develop targeted maintenance system.