Cast steel gate valve classification

Cast steel gate valve classification

     Cast steel gate valve: Carbon steel gate valve, stainless steel gate valve, low alloy steel gate valve (high temperature resistant chromium molybdenum steel is this category), low temperature steel gate valve and so on.

     Various kinds of steel grades are commonly used under the various types of cast steel gate valves as follows:

     1. Carbon steel gate valve casting grades include: WCA, WCB, WCC, LCB, etc.; applicable temperature -46 degrees to 425 degrees.

     2, stainless steel valve castings brand: 301 stainless steel, CF8 stainless steel (forgings 304 stainless steel), CF8M stainless steel (forging 316 stainless steel), etc.; applicable temperature -198 degrees to 816 degrees.

     3, low-alloy steel sub-high-temperature alloy steel and high-strength low-alloy steel, which is often referred to as high-temperature alloy steel chromium molybdenum steel.

     Chromium molybdenum steel gate valve castings: ZG1Cr5Mo, ZG15Cr1MoV, ZG20CrMoV, WC6, WC9, C12A, etc. Applicable temperature of 550 degrees to 750 degrees.

     The temperature applicable to each specific brand of material varies, depending on the actual operating conditions.