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Marine Angle Valve JIS F7308 10K

We focus on manufacturing marine&industry valves, including bronze,cast iron,ductile cast iron, cast and forged steel ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves,strainer and pipe fitting. Valve sizing 1/2” to 72”, industries served covering marine ,oil & gas, refining & petrochemical, power & paper, LNG and Cryogenics...

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Marine Angle Valve JIS F7308 10K

Product Specification:

1. Well-selected materials, meet with domestic and foreign standards, reasonable structure, beautiful shape. 

2. Stem has a good anti-corrosion and scratch resistance after quenching and surface nitriding treatment.

3.Can be used with a variety of flange pipe standard and sealing surface pattern to meet the various engineering needs and users' requirements. 

4.Full range of body materials, packing and gasket can matched based on the actual working conditions and users' reasonable request ,applied to all kinds of pressure, temperature and medium conditions.

Structure And Technical Details:


Company Profile:

Wefocus on manufacturing marine&industry valves, including bronze,cast iron,ductile cast iron, cast and forged steel ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves,strainer and pipe fitting. Valve sizing 1/2” to 72”,  industries served covering marine ,oil & gas, refining & petrochemical, power & paper, LNG and Cryogenics. After development of more than 10 years, today the company supplies products to more than 30 countries and regions in the world and becomes one of the leading suppliers of marine&industry valves in China.

Our Service:

JIS Marine Valves Bronze 

F7301,F7302, F7303, F7304 ,F7334 , F7343,F7351 ,F7352 ,F7356, F7367,F7368 ,F7371 ,F7388,F7389 ,F7409, F7410 ,F7415 ,F7416, F3018 ,F3019, F3056,F3057, F3058 , B2026, B2027

JIS Marine Valves Cast Iron

F7305 , F7306 , F7307 , F7308 , F7309 , F7310 ,F7333 , F7353 , F7354 , F7358 , F7359 , F7363 , F7364 , F7369 , F7366 , F7372 , F7373 , F7375 , F7376 , F7377 , F7378 , F7208 , F7209 , F7203 , F7218 , F7224 , F7234 , F7121 , F7220 

JIS Marine Valves Cast Steel

F7311 , F7312 , F7313 , F7314 , F7317 , F7318 , F7319 , F7320 , F7350 , F7365 , F7340 , F7353c , F7354c , F7363c , F7366 , F7471, F472 , F7473 , F7474 , F7475 , F3060 , F3060R , F3058 , F7208 , F7224 , F7121 , F7203 , F7209 , F7218

JIS Marine Valves 

F7421 , F7422 , F7329 , F7336 , F7340 , F7330 , F7337 , F7321 , F7323 , F7322 , F7324 , Duo Check Valve (Flange/Wafer Type) , ASTM Globe /Gate Valve

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